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Mode and Mode is a periodical that addresses printed matter in fashion practice. Each issue explores experimental publishing in fashion with an interview around a print-based project at the margins—one that has critical effects to fashion as a discourse—with the aim to level alternative, lesser-known fashion practices with contemporary fashion discourse. In doing so, we reflect on the role of print and acts of publishing, and their potency to disrupt, or propel, fashion narratives.

Mode and Mode seven ‘D&K LOOK BOOK 2019’ presents an anthology of text works by D&K (Ricarda Bigolin and Nella Themelios) from 2012 to present. D&K’s interrogation of fashion language in (and as) branding represents a body of experimental text works by a critical fashion practice that highlights the plasticity of words in fashion, which are always both meaningless and meaningful.

Mode and Mode six ‘Art for All’ featuring an interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist on the publication point d’ironie co-founded with artist Christian Boltanski and agnès b., and a foldout poster created by Kate Meakin and Jessie Kiely.

Mode and Mode five ‘Helen Hessel (1886—1982)’ featuring an interview with Professor Mila Ganeva, articles by Hessel in translation, and her letters to Henri-Pierre Roché. Contributing translations by Sean Ryan, and cover by Jeanne Hendrey.

Mode and Mode four ‘fashion without fashion’ features a reprint of the publication Friction/Parade 99 (1999) created by Keupr/Van Bentm in collaboration with Experimental Jetset.

Mode and Mode three ‘Seth Shapiro’ looks at the designer Seth Shapiro’s experimental lookbooks Ultimate Departure (2000) and A Dinner Date with Chez Woodstock and Other Fairytales of American Manufacturing (2001).

Mode and Mode two ‘a publication in a publication’ features the Berlin/Paris-based fashion design practice of BLESS, Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss, and their ongoing ‘lookbook collaborations’ project. Also featuring image contributions from Harriet Barrile, Ricarda Bigolin, Michael Bojkowski, Felix Burrichter, Tim Coster, Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf, Brad Haylock, Jared Leon and Johanna Heldebro, Thalea Michos-Vellis, Sophie Mörner, Alisa Närvänen, Virginia Overell, Manuel Raedar, Jerome Rigaud, Jason Schlabach and Annie Wu.

Mode and Mode one ‘front, back and side’ features Shahan Assadourian, Tumblrer and experimental fashion archivist, founder of the online magazine and scan archive, Archivings.net.

Editor: Laura Gardner
Designer: Karina Soraya

Intern: Kit Valerio (2019)

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